Mejor compra online 2021

Mejor compra online 2021

Electric scooters for Spanish Government mail service CORREOS

The electric scooters with trolleys transport the mail deliverers Test run The two solutions developed by the Spanish start-ups Mooevo and Scoobic will be used at seven locations in the country for a year.

The Spanish government company Correos is aiming for sustainable mobility on the last mile by integrating a small fleet of 48 cars with electric support. In reality, it is a pilot test that collects data for a year in order to later evaluate the functionality of these innovative solutions developed by two Spanish start-ups, Mooevo and Scoobic.

Electric scooters for Spanish Government mail service CORREOS

Each of them has developed their own proposal with the same goal: to offer postmen an element that makes delivery easier, saves effort and protects the environment. The tests are carried out in seven locations: Dos Hermanas (Seville), Valencia, Madrid, Cornellà (Barcelona), León, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Vitoria.

Specifically, they serve to cover deliveries in low-concentration delivery areas with few shipments per kilometer driven – for example in single-family houses or industrial areas. They are also used for services that have to travel long distances or destinations far from the postman’s unit of departure.

In order to prevent Spanis postmen from covering these distances on foot by pushing the cart, these new solutions are adaptations of personal mobility vehicles. Mooevo’s invention used an electric platform attached to the frame in which the van is mounted, while Scoobic’s invention used an electric scooter.

last mile delivery cart

Much more than just a delivery truck Mooevo has developed its own pusherboard that allows better control over the control of speeds, lights, acoustic signals and torque. In addition, the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your car expands the possibilities of Car as a Service. «Our new electric platform allows us to have a more professional approach and better control over the service we offer by leveraging the power of big data and data analytics,» said Javier Reguero, director of operations for the startup.

Correos is training the sales staff of the seven selected units for the development of the pilot project for one year. In the first tests that were carried out, the opinions were very positive: Posters and wallets appreciate their ease of use, their help with fatigue during delivery and consider the delivery trolleys to be a safe work tool.

This project shows Correos’ double commitment to innovation: on the one hand, it integrates the most innovative elements into the distribution of the last mile and, on the other hand, it relies on two Spanish emerging companies whose path it has driven at some point.

tilting steering system trike cargobike
Mooevo also has some innovative cargobikes with a revolutionary tilting steeting system for trikes that…

In fact, both Scoobic and Mooevo have been winners in various editions of the Lehnica Challenge, the startup acceleration competition that Correos uses to promote entrepreneurial projects in logistics, social, new technologies and public services through CorreosLabs, the space for innovation, and entrepreneurship in Spanish joint-stock companies.

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