Hoverboard wheelchair attachment: AidWheels Mobility Solutions

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Hoverboard wheelchair attachment: AidWheels Mobility Solutions for trailers, carts, rollators, last mile urban delivery, any type of wheelchairs… See how it works.

aidwheels para trailer bicicleta thule chariot con hoverboard

Aidwheels System Hoverboard Attachment working with a Thule Chariot Cross. Easy to attach and disattach, change it to a vechicle to another…

pasear silla de ruedas con un hoverboard

Stroll your wheelchair with any hoverboard type electric scooter. Very easy and a lot of fun. Great invention for many uses…

attach hoverboard to wheelchair

AidWheels is a hoverboard wheelchair attachment for improved mobility. Using a universal gadget anyone can attach a hoverboard to wheelchairs, baby strollers or any device with wheels. It is the best way to stroll old people, handicaped, disabled. Use Any Means of transport like auto electric skateboards or self balanced scooters, allowing the companion to stroll effortless.

hoverboard attachment wheelchair

AidWheels Hoverboard to Wheelchair Attachment: Stroll better and with more fun is a way to make life Easier for people with limited mobility, but also an incredible way of stimulation. Discover what AidWheels can do for you. The best way of adapting an electric vehicle self balanced to meet the needs of someone using a wheelchair and his caregiver.

wheelchair hoverboard attachment

AidWheels.com bring you innovative mobility solutions by adapting hoverboards to any type of wheelchair or stroller. Fun and comfort for baby strollers, old people or disabled with a need for wheelchairs … Find out what AidWheels can do for you to improve your mobility and your family… A very cost effective solution with an universal adapter to attach any hoverboard or electric scooter to a wheelchair without…

wheelchair with hoverboard

Transform any type of manual wheelchair to an electric wheelchair with your hoverboard. Easy to attach and easy to remove. You do not need to make any changes in the chair. You can also swap your AidWheels from one wheelchair to another. Very usefull also for hospitals, airports, stations, shopping malls, schools or any place where they have to move people with limited mobility.

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